Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Works on Paper- 2010

I'll spare the Artist's Statement, but these are a newly forming body of work based on the reconstructions, deconstructions, and general perceptions of new spaces I've found myself in lately. Out of all the nonsense seems to form some new, complete spaces twice removed from their original references.

-collaboration with stuart smith- 14"x17"

 -collaboration with stuart smith 12"x19"
 -untitled 17"x14"
 -untitled- 15"x15"
 -untitled- 23"x29"
 -untitled derivative- 23"x29"
 -derivative detail
 -untitled- 29"x23"
 -untitled derivative- 23"x29"
 -derivative detail
 -untitled- 40"x27"
 untitled- 27"x40"

-untitled detail

Works not on paper coming soon!

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